New Class Opening

new Saturday Ballet 4 class








We’re excited to announce a new class coming to our schedule in February!

Due to popular demand, we’re opening a new Ballet 4 class for students in 5th grade or higher.  The class will begin Saturday, February 3 and take place from 12:30-1:30pm.

Interested?  Just click right here and send us an email, and we’ll get your dancer signed up!

See you soon!

– Ms. Julie

Ringing in the New Year

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Happy New Year!

It’s time for a new year and a new semester – a fresh start!

Although the regular dance season has been in session for months, the spring semester is like its own new beginning. 

SDC students will begin working on recital routines during the next couple of weeks, preparing for the Spring Concert at the end of April.  While class time will continue to focus on building technique and skill, the element of performance now comes into play too.

Returning to class (or starting a new one) in January is the ideal time for any dancer to recalibrate.  Even for the youngest preschooler, it’s a new chance to work on those “listening ears” or to bounce a little higher during your “bunny hops!” For the hard-working second-grader, there’s the opportunity to polish your pirouette technique or gather the confidence to try freestyling in hip hop.  And for the experienced teenager, it’s the clean slate you wanted – to push a little harder, sweat a little more, and reach for your goals.

We’re looking forward to getting back to work in the classroom this week, and we can’t wait to leap into this fresh start with all of our dancers!

See you Wednesday!

– Ms. Julie

Winter Break is Here!


preschool tap class










Wishing ALL of our dancers and their parents a happy and healthy Winter Break!  Enjoy this time off to put family first.

We’ll see you back in the classroom on January 3rd.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Studio Dance Centre!

– Ms. Julie

Parent Observation Week!

parent observation week is coming soon








Dance families, it’s almost time for Parent Observation Week!  We’re so excited to invite you into the classroom to see a demonstration of what your dancer’s class has been working on so far this year.

Here are some handy tips and reminders about this very special week:

  • This year’s Parent Observation Week is Friday, December 8 through Thursday, December 14.
  • Most classes will hold their demonstration during the last 10-15 minutes of class.  If your dancer’s class will present at an earlier time, we will email you the week before!
  • Some classes may hold their demonstration in a different classroom, in order to allow for more viewing space.  The teacher will notify you if this is the case.
  • We’d love for you to invite other family members to visit during this week!  Please be aware that parking, lobby, and classroom spaces will be extra-busy.
  • Siblings are welcome too, of course!  We ask that you closely supervise very young siblings so they do not become too loud or disruptive during the demonstration so the focus can be on the dancers.
  • We encourage you to take photos or video to capture this important milestone for your dancer.  As a courtesy, please turn off or silence all screens and devices not being used to record.

One final note:  Dancers are often nervous to show their presentation, so please expect some jitters! Some dancers may freeze up, others will be shy, and occasionally we even see tears.  All of those things are normal, and all of our teachers are experienced with guiding the dancers through their emotions or comforting them if needed.  Remember that your dancer is growing his or her independence and will benefit from this experience, whether or not the dancing was perfect.

Please let us know if you have ANY questions in advance of Parent Observation Week.  We can’t wait to see you in the “audience” soon!  

– Ms. Julie

It’s not too late to join classes!

picture of ballet shoes










A common misconception at this time of year is that it’s too late to join dance, since our season goes from August through May.  Not true!  We welcome new dancers all year long.

Dancers who are just now signing up can also get in on recital participation too, as long as you act quickly.  Our first round of costumes have been ordered, but we’ll schedule an additional late order to accommodate new students.  (Costumes may not arrive in time for Photo Week, but we’ll try our hardest!)

If dance has been on your mind and you just haven’t had the chance to sign up yet, give us a call, email us, or stop by and we can find the classes that are just the right fit for your child.  We look forward to meeting you!

– Ms. Julie



Thanksgiving quote













Thank you to our wonderful dance families for allowing us to teach your children, who bring so much joy into our classrooms every day!  We are grateful to know you and be a part of your lives.

We wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving Break!

– Ms. Julie

FYDE Presents “An Evening of Dance”

FYDE performance details
















You are invited to join us at the MCL Grand Theater on November 18 at 7:00pm!

Our very own Frisco Youth Dance Ensemble will be presenting “An Evening of Dance,” a concert performance featuring ballet, modern, jazz, and more!  We are so excited for the dancers to showcase a beautiful collection of dances choreographed by Ms. Kayla, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Ariela, Ms. McKenna, and Mr. Richard.

Tickets may be purchased by clicking on this link.  Tickets are reserved seating only.

Through their performance, FYDE is also raising awareness for Traveling Tutus, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps children all around the world experience the joy of dance!  Traveling Tutus accepts donations of new and gently used costumes, dancewear, and dance shoes to distribute to orphanages, after school programs, shelters, hospitals, and other groups with young children eager to dress up like a ballerina or try on their first pair of tap shoes.

Studio Dance Centre’s five amazing Traveling Tutus Studio Ambassadors are collecting donations at the studio through November 15.

We appreciate your support of FYDE and Traveling Tutus!

– Ms. Julie

FYDE dancers and costume drive information

Recital Planning – Behind the Scenes

sparkly pink tutu
















We hope you are beginning to sense our excitement, because recital planning is officially in full swing!

Here’s a little peek of what’s going on behind the scenes:

  • Your SDC teachers are spending hours upon hours selecting just the right costumes and music for each class.  Costumes are previewed in person (like the one above!) and different styles are considered; music is checked to ensure the best choices for choreography.

  • Every dancer is being measured and sized for the best costume outcome.  Although costumes aren’t custom, we do our best to follow the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines in order to minimize the alterations needed.

  • Every detail is being double and triple checked to ensure accuracy before ordering costumes.  Our spreadsheets are filled with costume numbers, class numbers, and size numbers that get edited or confirmed as we finalize the orders.

Once costumes are on the way, our attention will turn to many of the other recital tasks waiting in the wings: creating the “day-of” schedule for each dress rehearsal and performance, editing music for time lengths, choreographing the routines, preparing take-home materials for our dance families, organizing Photo Week, and much, much more!

It all starts coming together next semester to make the recital a big success …. we can’t wait!

– Ms. Julie

The Top 3 Reasons Performing Is Amazing For Your Child


Top 3 reasons to perform graphic








Recital costume measurements are taking place soon, and recital is the talk of the hallways at the studio!  As we begin preparations for the Spring Concert in the fall, this when we sometimes have parents ask, “Why should my child participate in the recital?”

This is an excellent question, and an important one!  Dance is a performing art, and we want every child to experience the joy of being onstage.  While I could talk for hours and hours about the benefits of performing, I think there are really three core reasons why it is significant:


Throughout the dance season, our students are making awesome progress in class.  And when I say “awesome” I don’t necessarily mean the obvious, like learning fancy ballet steps (although that is pretty awesome too!).  What I mean is that the super-shy child comes out of her shell, or the child who said “I can’t” now says “I can,” or the teenager who struggled to smile now shines with every practice.  Seeing this kind of progress in class is great, but having it showcased on stage is priceless!  Performing allows these children to demonstrate their progress – both with the steps AND with their confidence.


For our students, and for their families, the recital is an excellent time to see what everyone else is doing!  Young dancers are inspired by seeing different styles of dance from backstage, and will often think to themselves, “I bet I can do that too!”  Parents in the audience, too, are able to see the potential dance holds, as they watch a variety of styles and age groups.  Dance offers the promise of so much growth if a young child sticks with it and works hard; the recital performance helps bring this potential to the stage.


Performing, for many young students, holds an excitement like nothing they’ve experienced before.  They may still be nervous, which is quite normal and expected, but we often see even the shyest child light up with joy when they step onstage.  A passion for dance, even if it didn’t seem obvious before, can bubble up to the surface after performing!  (Don’t be surprised if you end up watching the recital DVD on repeat!)  It’s this growing passion – not perfect technique or memory – that makes dancing so special.

If you have any questions (or hesitations) about having your child perform, I invite you to come talk with me or with another one of our wonderful SDC team members!  We love any opportunity to chat about performing.

– Ms. Julie

What REAL Dance Parents Are Like

SDC dance family

SDC dancer Audrey with her parents, Jared and Ramee











Sometimes I’m asked whether I watch the television show Dance Moms, or if the dance world is really like the way it’s portrayed in the show.  I don’t watch it (although I’ve seen clips) and it’s not like that …. not for us here at SDC anyway!  

Real dance moms (and dads) aren’t like that at all.  Real dance parents are supportive, encouraging, and involved, and they allow their children to experience the ups and downs dance can bring and progress at their own pace.  They are partners with us, the dance teachers – not enemies!  

We asked a couple of SDC dance families what they like most about their children being dance students, so we could share what REAL dance parents are like, and how much they care:

Michelle, whose two daughters, Elissa (8) and Lily (6) both take dance classes at SDC, says that the best part about dance for her girls is that they’re building their self confidence.

“Lily said it best right before the recital last year,” says Michelle.  “She said ‘I feel like I’m home on the stage.’  Both girls don’t care that hundreds of people are in the audience; they are there because they love it.”

Ramee and Jared, parents of SDC dancer Audrey (12, pictured above with her parents), agree wholeheartedly.  

“We have never pushed, just encouraged, and have enjoyed watching Audrey grow through the years,” says Ramee.  “She has gained a strong self-esteem, has become more mentally and physically strong, and has become increasingly independent because she is in control of her own path.  Dancing allows Audrey to be – and express – herself in ways that nothing else ever has.”

It’s parents like these – dedicated and supportive – that truly represent the dance families of the world.  We’re so thankful to have people like this at Studio Dance Centre!

– Ms. Julie