Spring Concert Prep: Hair

tips-for-dance-parentsOne of the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a dancer, is the iconic ballet bun.

We’ve pulled together tips and tricks to get even the most unruly and challenging coifs into a neat and tidy bun.

1. Resist the urge to cut! Try to hold off on cutting your dancer’s hair until May. The more hair a dancer has to work with, the easier it will be to pull it into a bun. Shorter and layered hair can require more bobby pins and hairspray to craft a bun.

2. Aim high. A high ponytail results in a bun at the crown of the head.

3. Start simple.  A traditional ballet bun is the best place to start.  Try this tutorial.

4. Unwashed hair is A-OK. If your dancer’s hair is thin or fine, it’s ok to not wash her hair the night before. The natural oils in her hair will make it easier for hair products to work.  Wet hair also works well, especially with fine fair.

5. Try teasing. Try teasing your dancer’s ponytail to create a bit more lift and volume. This helps add volume necessary to create a bun.

6. Bobby pins slipping? Spread out some bobby pins on a paper towel and lightly spray them with hairspray or dry shampoo. These “sticky pins” will stay put through rehearsals and performances!

7. Do the donut. If all else fails, try a bun donut.

8. Spray and net it. Wrap the bun in a hair net and secure it with bobby pins. This ensures that any fly aways are caught and stay smooth. Always finish with a healthy dose of strong hairspray. It is normal for hair to feel stick or “crunchy.” This is normal dance hair – it’s generally not touchably soft.  “Helmet hair” is a term that’s often used to describe a dancer’s head.

As always, your SDC instructors are available to answer any questions you may have!

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry


Get Your Dance Inspiration Here


Dancers find inspiration all around them: In the music they hear, books they read, movies they watch, and shows they see.  Find even more inspiration in these quotes about finding your joy, reaching your goals, and dancing your dance!

“Take more chances.  Dance more dances!”


Spring Concert Prep: Make-Up


Wearing dance recital make-up is a unique milestone in a dancer’s life!  It can be a fun adventure or can seem daunting if it’s a parent’s first time to apply make up on their child.

Keep in mind that the goal of make-up for the recital is to ensure that your dancer’s features are visible from the stage.  Bright stage lights wash out features, and when make-up is applied in the correct colors, it highlights the eyes and smile.  (Remember to leave the shimmer and glitter at the store!)

Finding colors and kid-friendly formulations that are also pocketbook friendly can be a challenge.  We’ve pulled together a list of great shades to look at for your dancer that won’t break the budget! These products may be purchased at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Ulta, Amazon, and etc.

We also recommend watching Ms. Jamie’s video tutorials for Level 1-3 dancers here and Level 4+ dancers here. (Password: Recital)

New this season: you can sign up for SDC’s make-up and hair workshop here.  It’s FREE to attend!

For all levels of dancers, here are some products we recommend:

Mascara – Lengthens and defines eyelashes, helps eyes appear larger.
Amped Lashes in Black from Ulta – $10.50
Great Lash Mascara in Very Black or Blackest Black from CoverGirl – $4.99

Eyeshadow – Creates a wide-eyed look and reflects stage lighting.
Mad for Matte Eye Shadow  from ELF – $10.00
Nudes TruNaked Eye Shadow from CoverGirl – $11.99

Lips – Draws attention to the dancer’s smile.
Lipstick in Red Haute from Ulta – $8.50
Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Love or Passion from Revlon – $6.69

Blush – Brings color to dancers’ cheeks.
The Matte Blush in Beloved for lighter skin tones or Fusion for darker skin tones from Makeup Revolution – $5.00
Cheekers in Natural Twinkle or Natural Rose for lighter skin tones Soft Sable for darker skin tones from CoverGirl – $4.99

Setting Spray – Holds make-up in place and stands up to sweat.
Matte Finish Setting Spray from NYX Cosmetics – $7.99
Setting Spray from Ulta – $10.00

For our more experienced Level 4-7 dancers, we also recommend:

False Eyelashes (Level 4+) – Adds extra volume and length to lashes.
Eyelash Kit from Ardell – $5.99
VIP Lash Kit from ELF – $4.00

Foundation – Evens out complexion, prevents wash out (one shade darker than skin tone).
Stay Matte Foundation from Rimmel London – $5.49
Stay Matte Not Flat Foundation from NYX – $7.49

Eyeliner – Defines eyes’ shape, and creates a wide-eyed look.
Eyeliner in Black from NYX Cosmetics – $4.49
Color Stay Eyeliner in Black from Revlon – $8.99

Once you purchase your make-up, be sure to check it’s expiration date and toss it when it’s time!

If you have any questions about what shade or type of make up your dancer needs, please feel free to reach out to any SDC Instructor for guidance.

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry

Spring Concert Prep: Costumes


With costumes being handed out this week, it’s important to keep in mind that they have to stay in great condition through a photo session, at least one dress rehearsal, and at least one performance.  It’s a tall order when your dancer will be so excited to show it off and will probably want to wear it as pajamas!  We recommend adhering to these costume ground rules:

  1. Costumes should be kept in a safe place.  Remind your dancer that until they’ve danced in their final performance, their costume is not for playtime.  After their final performance, it’s fair game for dress up as you see fit!  🙂

  2. Write your dancer’s name or initials inside the costume, on the tag.  No matter your dancer’s age, a labeled costume is important.  Everyone’s costume will look exactly the same when hanging on a coat hanger! 

  3. Keep accessories in a separate, labeled bag. It’s much easier to find hairpieces, gloves, or other accessories if they are in a Ziploc bag with the dancer’s name on it.  Keep that Ziploc inside the costume’s garment bag for easy access.

  4. Hang costumes with tutus upside down.  Hanging a costume with a tutu upside down will ensure that it stays springy, fluffy, and ready to go!

If you have any questions about costume care, ask any SDC instructor for advice.

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry

Spring Break Camp!

Jump into Spring Break with our dance camp!

Held on Monday, March 6 from 10am-12pm, and open to 3-9 year olds, this camp will feature ballet class, spring-themed crafts, dance games, and more!

$25 covers the cost of the camp.  Share this link and attend with a friend!

RSVP by March 2 with this form: https://goo.gl/forms/jdIJNzq7nPuEVF0l2

preschool dancer

A Dancer’s Dictionary

studio-dance-centre-just-danceYou don’t have to be in a studio for long to realize that dancers have their own language.

Sauté – A healthy way to cook dinner, right?  To a dancer, sauté means jump!

Leo – Academy Award winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio?  Think again!  This is short for leotard!

Use this handy guide courtesy of The Radio City Rockettes or this one from More Than Dancers to be sure that your family and friends can translate from dancer to every day!

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

Ms. Kerry




Dancer Fuel: Healthy Snacks to Keep You Moving


It doesn’t take long to realize that dancing is hard work! Keeping your body fueled up and ready for classes is just as important as remembering your dance bag and choreography.

What are some of your instructors’ favorite go-to snacks?

“I love roasted chickpeas, hard boiled eggs, and apple slices with peanut butter.  Lots of good protein and fuel for your body.”  – Ms. Jamie

“Almonds, toasted sesame sticks, pretzels or carrots with hummus, and kind of a guilty pleasure – not sure how good they are for me – but Snap Pea Crisps are heavenly!” – Ms. Ariela

“My favorite snacks to keep me fueled are pretzels or Wheat Thins with Laughing Cow cheese wedges, some ham or turkey roll-ups, grapes or bananas, and some trail mix for my sweet tooth.” – Ms. Kayla

Check out Dance Advantage’s post about healthy snacks for dancers that give healthy protein, fat, and a complex carbohydrate.  These snacks are easy to put together and pack well too!

Always remember to stay hydrated with the best drink option out there – water!


Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

Ms. Kerry

Legend Spotlight: Anna Pavlova


Anna Pavlova, a dancer at the turn of the 19th century, popularized ballet throughout the United States and is credited with creating the modern pointe shoe.

Born in St. Petersburg in 1881, Pavlova decided she wanted to be a ballerina after seeing a production of The Sleeping Beauty.  She studied with the Imperial Theatre School in St. Petersburg under Enrico Cecchetti, known for establishing the Cecchetti technique.  After studying for eight years, Pavlova made her debut with the company in 1899.

anna-pavlova-in-the-ballet-the-dying-swan-by-camille-saint-saens-c-1910Pavlova was known for her expressiveness, especially in her signature solo, The Dying Swan, which was comprised mostly of bourrees and soft arm movements.  She also created the modern pointe shoe, with a hard shank and sole that curved with the shape of the foot.

Pavlova first performed in the U.S. in 1910 in New York Citywhich sparked new interest and respect for the art form.  She eventually established her own company which toured internationally for the next two decades, bringing ballet to China, Australia, India, Mexico, Canada, Peru, and Argentina.

Tips for Dance Parents – How Do I Clean That?


Does your dancer have rough-looking ballet shoes?  Are her pink tights turning grey at the feet?  Have scuffed tap shoes?

After five months of dancing, it may be time to freshen up your dancer’s gear and the holiday break from classes make a perfect time to give your dancer’s gear a deep clean.

It’s also a great time to be sure that your dancer’s name or initials are on their dancewear, shoes, and other dance gear!


Check out these tips from Dance Advantage for getting and keeping your dancer’s gear looking as good as new and ready for 2017!

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry


Winter Wonderland Dance Camps!

Dance Camps

Our Winter Wonderland dance camps are back!  Click here to RSVP!

Open to 3-9 year olds, these two camps will feature ballet and jazz classes, winter crafts, dance games, and more!

There are two Winter Wonderland camps to choose from:

Monday, December 19 from 2-4pm (ballet)
Tuesday, December 20 from 2-4pm (jazz)

Sign up for a single camp for $25 or sign up for both for $40.  Payment can be made in advance at the front desk, or via phone or email authorization.

(Please complete this form for EACH child attending.)

Children attending the camps can wear any style dancewear or comfortable activewear, and dance shoes or bare feet.

We can’t wait to see you soon!