Hurricane Harvey – Disaster Relief

Like many of you reading this, we watched helplessly while Hurricane Harvey damaged and destroyed so much of Southeast Texas this week. We are ready to give much-needed help directly into the hands of some of the families affected.

Chara Christian Dance Academy and Move Dance and Fitness, fellow More Than Just Great Dancing studios in Friendswood and Richmond, serve over 600 families, most of whom rode out the storm but are now dealing with the devastating aftermath, many of them displaced and who will need to restore or rebuild their homes. 

It is not hard to imagine ourselves in their shoes—hard-working families suddenly faced with flooded homes, picking up whatever pieces are left and figuring out how to restore or rebuild in the weeks and months—and maybe years—to come. It is heartbreaking.

Please help SDC help them by donating to our Disaster Relief Gift Card Drive, and please share the link to this page with your friends! From September 1-20, SDC will be collecting gift cards for these affected families’ necessities: food, gas, clothes, toiletries, pet care, and so forth. 

Ms. Julie will personally deliver the collection to the studios on September 21. 

“Never get tired of doing little things for others; sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts.”

disaster relief gift card drive

Back-to-School Memories

The SDC teachers and I are wishing all of our students a wonderful back to school week!  We love hearing about everyone’s new adventures at school – what their classrooms are like, who their teacher is, what their favorite subjects are – and we hope this week is full of fun!

In honor of this being the first week back to school, we have been reminiscing about some of our own favorite school memories.  Take a peek at our photo collage below to see what we looked like as young students.  Can you guess who is who?  We bet you can!

SDC teachers photos as kids

Back-to-Dance Week!

We’re so excited to be jumping into the new dance season this week!  Welcome, dancers!

dancer jumping for joy













It’s not too late to sign up …. click on the image for more info!

SDC’s Staff Development Days

Our staff members have been hard at work this week prepping for the new season!  We want every season to be better than the last, so this is our way of getting educated and inspired for a brand new dance year.  From communications to classroom resources, every meeting is about how we can serve you and your children to the best of our abilities.  We’re ready to hit the ground running for you!

image of staff members










Looking forward to seeing all of our dancers next week!
Ms. Julie

Open House!

Join us on Tuesday, August 8, from 5:00-7:00pm for our extra special Open House Celebration event!  Help us kick off our 12th dance season by joining in the fun!

ballet student








Here’s what’s happening that evening:

– FREE dance classes will take place at 5:15 & 6:00

– FREE parent panel Q&A with two SDC dance parents at 6:00

– Complimentary CHIPS & QUESO from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

– Registration promos & raffle PRIZES

– The chance for you to meet your teachers for next season

Whether you already dance with us or are thinking about it, we’d love to see you there!

Choosing a dance style

Choosing the right dance style for your child can be a cinch—or it can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll make about their afterschool activities!  Make the best choice by considering these four basic styles—any one of them can be a good fit, depending on your child’s personality and interests.

Ballet is the foundation for ALL types of dance, but usually appeals most to young children who are naturally shy or introverted and who think classical music sounds like “princess music”.

Jazz is often a great fit for the child who learns well with structure, but also likes to move around to fun pop music and learn in a fast-paced classroom.

Tap is typically a favorite class for children who love rhythms and counting!  Tap is like drumming with your feet, which high-energy children always enjoy.

Hip Hop is the way to go with extroverted children who love to express themselves with movement.  Its funky vibe suits children who are excited to try new things.

Finding the right dance style to fit your child can seem daunting, but there’s also nothing wrong with trying more than one.  Sometimes children surprise us too, and they’ll gravitate to a dance style we never would have expected.  Any choice is a great one, as long as your child is having fun while they learn!

Questions about the different styles?  You can always call, email, or stop by the front desk!  We are happy to help.

Thanks for reading!
Ms. Julie

SDC at the One Family Festival

We are so proud to have had nine of our beautiful dancers represent SDC and FYDE at the One Family Festival in Chicago!

The dancers were able to perform in an adjudicated showcase and take two full days of classes and seminars in subjects like Contemporary Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Broadway, Commercial Jazz, Healthy Body Image, and Contemporary Ballet with amazing faculty members: Gabriella Sorrentino, Shanna VanDerwerker, Sarah Ford Hardy, Leslie Scott, Monique Joseph, Richard Smith, and Rory Freeman.

The weekend was full of dancing, friendships, performances, and TONS of inspiration!  What an awesome experience!  We are so grateful to the dancers’ families for supporting them with this opportunity, and to Misty Lown, More Than Dancers, and The Untapped Movement for allowing us participate in this fantastic event.

Dance Festival Picture Collage

Summer Dance Is Almost Here!

It’s almost time for summer dance!

From Ballerina Princess Camp to Combo Classes, we have options to fit every schedule!

Click on the image below to reserve your spot!

summer class sign up

Spring Concert Prep: Making Memories

tips-for-dance-parentsSaving memories of any dance event, a first spring concert or 10th, is important.  Planning ahead will give you a chance to make sure you take pictures in plenty of poses and keep an eye out for frames or memory books while browsing at your favorite store!

These keepsakes become precious memories for dancers as they grow up and share them with their friends, and eventually their own little dancers!

  • Memory Book – If you’re a sentimental parent and like to hang onto tickets, programs, and little keepsakes.  Create a dance memory book and gather all of those memories in one place.
  • Ballet Shoe Collage – Plan ahead!  Save your dancer’s shoes and plan to display them with their recital costumes or a dance photo in a neat row.
  • Shadow Box – Create your own piece of art with a photograph of your dancer, their shoes, costume, accessories, and even tickets!  Look for inspiration here, here, and here.
  • Snap Pictures – Be sure to snap pictures of your dancer in the moment!  While of course, the performance is the main event – backstage and preparation pictures make excellent memories!  Snap pictures of putting make-up, fixing hair, details of her costume, candid shots, and walking to the stage.  Check out this great page for more ideas.

We’d love to see how your keepsakes turn out.  Share a picture with us on FaceBook!

~Ms. Kerry

Spring Concert Prep: Backstage Bag


Your dancer has practiced and practiced her number.  The costume is on and the hair is in a bun. The show is about to begin!  Now, the wait until her number begins.  So much can happen in the time between when a dancer is dropped off backstage and when they go on stage.  Being prepared is the name of the game!  Pack a backstage bag filled with all of those “what-if” items to solve anything that comes up and keep your dancer entertained.

Be sure to include:

  • Hairspray (for those fly-aways)
  • Bobby pins/hair pins (to secure any unruly locks of hair)
  • Bottled water/kid safe cups (no spills on costumes!)
  • Dry snacks (think crackers, pretzels, etc)
  • Make-up kit (especially lipstick and blush)
  • Baby wipes or make-up wipes (great for correcting make-up mistakes or removing make-up after the show)
  • Coloring books and crayons (great for keeping younger dancers entertained while waiting for their turn)
  • Book to read (great for quietly waiting for your turn!) 

Always try-on your costume at home, practice your make-up, and putting your dancer’s hair in a bun before dress rehearsal.  This helps your dancer become comfortable with the process and will know what to expect for the performance.

If you have any questions, any SDC Instructor is happy to help!

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry