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Practicing at Home

              Many of our dancers LOVE practicing their recital dance at home!  So what can you do to encourage your child and help them practice?  Here are four of our best tips: If you haven’t already received an email with a link to your child’s recital music, that will […]


Parent Observation Week!

              Dance families, it’s almost time for Parent Observation Week!  We’re so excited to invite you into the classroom to see a demonstration of what your dancer’s class has been working on so far this year. Here are some handy tips and reminders about this very special week: This […]


The Top 3 Reasons Performing Is Amazing For Your Child

                Recital costume measurements are taking place soon, and recital is the talk of the hallways at the studio!  As we begin preparations for the Spring Concert in the fall, this when we sometimes have parents ask, “Why should my child participate in the recital?” This is an […]


Dancing Through The Fall Season

Fall is finally in the air!  At school, at sports, and of course, at dance, everyone is settling into their new schedules and getting comfortable with the routine (and probably enjoying a pumpkin spice cookie/muffin/latte in the process – ‘tis the season!). Because dance classes take place throughout the school year, it’s extra-important for us […]


What is MTJGD?

      You’ve heard us talk about it, you’ve probably seen the logo all over our handouts, and I bet you’ve wondered, well, what exactly does it mean? More Than Just Great Dancing (or MTJGD as we often refer to it) is a licensed affiliation of dance studios that subscribe to a higher standard […]


SDC’s Staff Development Days

Our staff members have been hard at work this week prepping for the new season!  We want every season to be better than the last, so this is our way of getting educated and inspired for a brand new dance year.  From communications to classroom resources, every meeting is about how we can serve you […]


Choosing a dance style

Choosing the right dance style for your child can be a cinch—or it can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll make about their afterschool activities!  Make the best choice by considering these four basic styles—any one of them can be a good fit, depending on your child’s personality and interests. Ballet is the foundation […]


Top 10 Dance Etiquette Reminders

The 2016-2017 dance season at SDC is finally here!  It’s such an exciting time: Starting new classes, trying out new dance styles, and meeting new people.  It’s also a great time to learn (or remember) the basics of class etiquette, the way to show respect to yourself as a dancer, your fellow dancers, your instructor, […]


Legend Spotlight: Michael Kidd

Michael Kidd’s career as a film and stage choreographer, dancer, and actor spanned over 5 decades.  He staged some of the most famous Broadway and film musicals of the 40s and 50s, leading to the style which would later be called “integrated musicals.”  His work garnered him five Tony awards, and an honorary Academy Award […]


Keeping Hydrated & Cool in Dance Class

In last week’s posts, we talked about what goes on your body.  Just as important is what goes into your body.  When you dance, you sweat.  It’s inevitable. With sweat comes a loss of fluid and electrolytes that need to replenishing.  In one hour of dancing, you can lose an average of 37 ounces of fluid! (Maybe […]