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Creating Lifetime Memories

              SDC’s Spring Concert is known for creating special memories—both for our dancers and for their family and friends.  It is a sentimental moment in time for many parents, watching their child perform in front of an audience!  For most of our dance families, it marks the closure of […]


Putting in the Hard Work

              At SDC, we talk a lot about the willingness to do the “hard work.”  It is a quality we strive to instill in every student.  Hard work, to us, means ALL the things a dancer can do to show their commitment to better themselves, improve their skills, and […]


Our Definition of Winning

              At SDC, one of our unique attributes is that we are a non-competitive studio, meaning we do not participate in dance competitions.  Instead, we choose to focus on concert and community dancing, where rankings and placements are not part of the expectation.  We encourage performance as an overall […]


Thankful for You

              Dear Studio Dance Centre families, As Thanksgiving draws nearer, we wanted to take a moment to express our thanks to YOU, for trusting us with your child’s dance education and allowing us to be a positive light in your child’s life.  We are grateful that you’ve chosen us for […]


Studio Happenings

              Parents, it’s that time of year when getting your child to dance class can seem extra-challenging!  With the weather fluctuations, cold and flu season underway, and homework exhaustion setting in, January sometimes feels like “the mid-year slump.”   Not to worry though.  In our experience, the slump is only […]


Ringing in the New Year

              Happy New Year! It’s time for a new year and a new semester – a fresh start! Although the regular dance season has been in session for months, the spring semester is like its own new beginning.  SDC students will begin working on recital routines during the next […]



                          Thank you to our wonderful dance families for allowing us to teach your children, who bring so much joy into our classrooms every day!  We are grateful to know you and be a part of your lives. We wish you a very […]


Recital Planning – Behind the Scenes

                              We hope you are beginning to sense our excitement, because recital planning is officially in full swing! Here’s a little peek of what’s going on behind the scenes: Your SDC teachers are spending hours upon hours selecting just the right […]


What REAL Dance Parents Are Like

                    Sometimes I’m asked whether I watch the television show Dance Moms, or if the dance world is really like the way it’s portrayed in the show.  I don’t watch it (although I’ve seen clips) and it’s not like that …. not for us here at […]


Back-to-school blues? Try this!

“But I’m too tired!” It’s that time of year again …. school is back in session and afterschool activities abound, meaning “I’m too tired” can become a frequent refrain from the backseat of your car. It’s not uncommon for us dance teachers to hear about students who fall asleep on the way to class during […]