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What REAL Dance Parents Are Like

                    Sometimes I’m asked whether I watch the television show Dance Moms, or if the dance world is really like the way it’s portrayed in the show.  I don’t watch it (although I’ve seen clips) and it’s not like that …. not for us here at […]


Back-to-school blues? Try this!

“But I’m too tired!” It’s that time of year again …. school is back in session and afterschool activities abound, meaning “I’m too tired” can become a frequent refrain from the backseat of your car. It’s not uncommon for us dance teachers to hear about students who fall asleep on the way to class during […]


Back-to-School Memories

The SDC teachers and I are wishing all of our students a wonderful back to school week!  We love hearing about everyone’s new adventures at school – what their classrooms are like, who their teacher is, what their favorite subjects are – and we hope this week is full of fun! In honor of this […]


Life Lessons You Learn From Dance

When a dancer begins classes, the focus usually falls on learning the flow of classes, steps, combinations, and preparing for the highlight of the year – the Spring Concert! Little does the dancer know, that while learning all of the dance steps, life lessons are being taught too. Take a minute to read this great post […]


Dance Tips That Will Also Improve Your Life

Throughout your dance career, you’ll hear similar tips from your teachers.  “To go up, you must first go down.”  “Remain grounded.”  “Hold your center.” That advice leads to higher leaps, more solid turns, and better balance.  That same advice can be applied to your life outside of the studio too!  Take a look at this […]


Dance Costumes: More Than Just Tutus

As a dancer, one of the most anticipated parts of the season is finding out what your concert costume will be!  There’s no time like the present to start building the anticipation and no better place to start than with some beautiful costumes!  Check out the New York City Dance Projects’ gorgeous photography of dancers […]


Why do you dance?

At SCD, we dance because it’s what we love to do.  Why do you dance?  Tell us in the comments! Check back throughout the week for our first blog series, “Dance Dress Code: Decoded,” to learn more about SDC’s dress code and why dancers wear what they wear!


It’s time for a new year of dance!

The new dance season is almost upon us!  With our 10th Anniversary Kickoff Party happening this Saturday, FYDE rehearsals beginning next Tuesday, and classes starting August 31, it’s one of the busiest times of the year at Studio Dance Centre! At the risk of sounding cheesy–and before the busy-ness of the school year sets in–I […]


Little dancers, big dreams

I read a wonderful story the other day that was making its way around the internet ( It really struck a chord because as a studio owner and dance teacher, I’ve been witness to many a story like this. In sum, the mother who wrote the story had signed her young daughter up for dance […]


It’s summer: here we go!

Last week, in our preparations for the Princess-in-Training Camp, my staff and I were discussing the merits of decorating paper crowns versus making pipe cleaner tiaras. (Really, we were way overanalyzing.)  Which project would be easier for little hands? Would one be appealing over the other? Was each one “princess-y” enough? I was sure we […]