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Parents Say

Praise for Studio Dance Centre, Ms. Julie, and SDC’s dedicated staff:

“Each week I look forward to my quiet time on Thursday evenings when the day is coming to an end after what has usually been a busy week. This is the one night that I drop my daughter off at her favorite home away from home and instead of leaving to run errands, I sit in my car for an hour with my thoughts or sometimes a good book. I enjoy watching the usually giggling dancers come and go from the studio as it too is winding down. Thank you for creating an environment that my dancer truly loves; one that welcomes and encourages dancers of all shapes and sizes. Please allow me to say ‘thank you’ to you and the amazingly talented instructors at SDC, past and present, who work tirelessly and joyfully at teaching what is so clearly a passion. It is an honor to have been with SDC from the beginning.”

– Kim Benavides

“I know I’ve said it before, but I am truly blown away by your studio! Because of you and Ms. Neda, my daughter is developing an appreciation for dance at an early age.  This is something that is hard to come by.”

– Jill Mitchell

“My daughter was one of Ms. Julie’s original students when the studio opened. Through years of instruction at SDC, my daughter learned the technique and skill that earned her enrollment at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. However, the greatest value of attending SDC was the relationships my daughter formed with Ms. Julie and other dance instructors. My daughter continues to be involved with SDC because it will always be “home” and she hopes to own a dance studio some day, just like Ms. Julie. I am grateful for the guidance Ms. Julie continues to offer my daughter in helping her set and reach goals related to dance and beyond. SDC has been a blessing to my daughter by offering so much more than dance.”

– Marcy Bourdo

“After one year at a different studio, we enrolled my daughter at SDC in the fall of 2006, when she was 3.5 years old. She spent the first month crying each week in her class and didn’t want to continue. She was a very shy child and I think the change in environment really threw her. After 6 weeks, she asked to return. We decided to wait until the spring, when she turned 4, hoping that a little time and development would help her. She literally asked every single day if she could start dancing with Ms. Julie again. Her path in the world of dance has been full steam ahead ever since. I attribute a great deal of the confidence and grace she now possesses to her experiences with the amazing group of instructors she has worked with. As a parent, I cannot fully express my gratitude for the positive messages that are taught and practiced at Studio Dance Centre. I look forward to being ‘in the family’ for many more years!”

– Carol Cochran