Policies & Prices

Studio Dance Centre’s policies are summarized on this page.

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SDC’s 2018-2019 dance season begins August 13 and ends May 25. Summer camps and classes are offered in June and July. SDC will be closed on the following dates during the season:

  • September 3
  • November 19 – 23
  • December 24 – January 5
  • January 21
  • March 11 – 16

Dress Code

Proper attire and shoes are required for all dancers at SDC. The dress code supports our mission to provide high-quality instruction; it allows more freedom of movement, ensures safety in the studio, and instructors are better able to correct alignment and muscle use. The dress code allows dancers to focus on learning and having fun! Please know that dancers who do not follow the dress code may be asked to observe class.  Upon registration you will receive details dress code information.

For all classes: no bare legs (no shorts) or bare midriffs; no extra jewelry (small earrings only); no fitness trackers; no hair ornaments; no skirts; no tutus, costumes, or dress-up wear. Dance pants or shorts may be permitted in tap, jazz, modern, or hip hop at the discretion of the instructor. 

Leotards and tights are meant to be form-fitting and easy to dance in—please no underwear or sports bras. Nude dance undergarments are permitted and may be worn for classes or performances.

Dancers must wear a cover-up when coming to or from dance class. Dance shoes should be carried in a dance bag and never worn outside, as the outside wear-and-tear could damage our floors and your shoes.

Level 1
Pink or tan footed dance tights, solid-color pink or black leotard, pink ballet shoes, black tap or jazz shoes, hair completely off face and neck

Ballet – Levels 2-7
Pink footed or convertible dance tights, solid (plain) black leotard (any style), pink ballet shoes, hair in a secure bun

Tap and Jazz – Levels 2-7
Pink, tan, or black footed or convertible dance tights, solid (plain) black leotard (any style), black tap or jazz shoes, hair completely off face and neck

Modern – Levels 4-7
Pink, tan, or black convertible or footless dance tights, solid (plain) black leotard (any style), hair completely off face and neck

Hip Hop – Levels 2-7
Fitted tank top or t-shirt over dance pants or leggings (leotard and tights are OK too), clean dance shoes (a dedicated pair of shoes just for dance class), hair completely off face and neck


All registrations must be completed through SDC’s online forms. First and last months’ tuition are due at the time of enrollment, along with the registration fee.

Inclement Weather

Although SDC will follow Frisco ISD for most inclement weather closings, there may be days where the weather clears or gets worse and we will make a decision based on local forecasts and other business closings.  Updates to you regarding bad weather days may be made via our website, voicemail recording, email, and/or text. 

Tuition and Registration Fees

These fees are non-refundable. A $45 registration fee is required per dancer, per season. Each additional sibling is $25. Registration fees help offset some of the administrative costs of student and class management, music licensing, insurance, and communications.

Tuition is based on a 35-week season, and may be paid in monthly installments, by semester, or by year. Tuition rates do not include studio closings for holidays and breaks.

2018-2019 Monthly Installment Base Tuition Rates

Levels 1-3:

1st class – $75

Levels 4-7:

1st class – $80

Multiple class discounts are available. Please contact us for details on discounts.

Refunds/Credit On Account

Refunds are only issued when SDC removes a class from its schedule. Account credit will be applied when a student initiated the schedule change. Credit can be applied to SDC tuition or fees due within the current dance season.


There is a two-month minimum for all classes. One-month written notice from the first of the month is required to withdraw from class and discontinue payments. Withdrawals are accepted through March 2, 2019. SDC reserves the right to withdraw any customer, without refunds, at any time of the year, due to non-attendance and/or non-compliance with SDC’s policies.