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Top 10 Dance Etiquette Reminders


The 2016-2017 dance season at SDC is finally here!  It’s such an exciting time: Starting new classes, trying out new dance styles, and meeting new people.  It’s also a great time to learn (or remember) the basics of class etiquette, the way to show respect to yourself as a dancer, your fellow dancers, your instructor, and the studio.

Here are the top ten Dance Class Etiquette reminders to get you started this season:

  1. Dress appropriately and come prepared.  Be sure to check out the dress code and have your shoes ready to go!  Don’t forget to write your name in them.  You’d be surprised how quickly pink ballet slippers fly off after class!
  2. No chewing gum, food, or drinks in the studio.  Think of the studio floor like a rare, hand-woven Persian rug that is one-of-a-kind.    The only kind of shoes that can be used on it are dance shoes and anything like gum or food or drinks will stain it forever!  Let’s not take any chances!  Food and drinks, even water, can be hazardous.  Spilled water could be dangerous and cause a slip and fall.  This is why we keep everything outside of the class.
  3. Never wear dance shoes outside of the studio or wear street shoes (like your sneakers) in the studio.  

    Protect the floor!

    Be sure to check your tap shoes regularly for loose screws.  Remember our rare Persian rug?  You can’t wear street shoes on it!  Even if your street shoes look might clean, they carry dirt and germs.  Would you like to dance on top of that?  Or do floor work on that?  f you forget your dance shoes, ask your teacher if you can borrow a pair or go barefoot.  That’s how important our special dance floor and how important your dance shoes are!

  4. Watch out for your friends.  So important!  Remember to stay on your number, keep your hands, fingers, feet, toes, whatevers to yourself!  It’s safer for everyone.  Be sure to leave enough room for yourself and those around you to dance.
  5. Use the barre for gentle balancing only.  Pay attention, especially when waiting for your turn.  Never sit down unless you are asked to do so.  Did you know that the barre isn’t there to hold on to and swing on?  The ballet barre is different than a gymnastics bar.  A barre isn’t made for swinging and hanging (or doing amazing tricks!).  Older students only rest their hands on it lightly so it’s not made to hold up to constant pulling.
  6. Hands off the mirror!  After the studio closes, a team of magical fairies who look surprising like your SDC dance instructors sanitize and clean the studio including the mirrors.  The mirrors are so important to dance education as they allow students to see the instructor from behind as well as head on and see themselves clearly.
  7. Always cover up your dance clothes on the way to and from dance class.  There are so many reasons for this tradition.  Read more about it in my post from July here.
  8. Listen when your teacher is talking.  Have you ever heard that you can talk and listen at the same time?  It’s true!  Whispering and gabbing during class can mean that you miss out on instructions and later spring concert choreography!  Remember to keep your listening ears on in class.
  9. If you need to leave early, make sure the teacher knows in advance and leave as quietly as possible.  If the teacher knows that a student is heading out in advance, it’s easier to nip any “I have to leave too!” or “Why does so-and-so get to go” questions in the bud.
  10. Be involved and engaged!  Eager and alert dancers will always absorb more during class time.

Alert and Attentive – Like the Rockettes!

No matter the studio and no matter the style of dance, dancers will hear these reminders throughout this season and for many to come.  Keeping these in mind will make for a consistent and classic dance experience and education.

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry


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