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Life Lessons You Learn From Dance

When a dancer begins classes, the focus usually falls on learning the flow of classes, steps, combinations, and preparing for the highlight of the year – the Spring Concert! Little does the dancer know, that while learning all of the dance steps, life lessons are being taught too. Take a minute to read this great post […]


Top 10 Dance Etiquette Reminders

The 2016-2017 dance season at SDC is finally here!  It’s such an exciting time: Starting new classes, trying out new dance styles, and meeting new people.  It’s also a great time to learn (or remember) the basics of class etiquette, the way to show respect to yourself as a dancer, your fellow dancers, your instructor, […]


Benefits of a Dance Education

As dance instructors, the SDC Staff can talk at length about the positive benefits a dance education can have on a young person’s physical development.  Dance education allows for self-expression and the ability to comprehend abstract ideas more easily.  It values creativity and problem solving.  Dance allows students to express and understand non-verbal communication. According […]


Dance Tips That Will Also Improve Your Life

Throughout your dance career, you’ll hear similar tips from your teachers.  “To go up, you must first go down.”  “Remain grounded.”  “Hold your center.” That advice leads to higher leaps, more solid turns, and better balance.  That same advice can be applied to your life outside of the studio too!  Take a look at this […]


Legend Spotlight: Michael Kidd

Michael Kidd’s career as a film and stage choreographer, dancer, and actor spanned over 5 decades.  He staged some of the most famous Broadway and film musicals of the 40s and 50s, leading to the style which would later be called “integrated musicals.”  His work garnered him five Tony awards, and an honorary Academy Award […]


Step into Story Time with Studio Dance Centre

Have you been looking for something to fill the empty spot that the short break from dance classes with Studio Dance Centre has left open? Want to beat the heat and meet new friends?  Are you looking for a fun and educational alternative to a Friday morning of TV with a bit of artistic flair? […]