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Dancing Through The Fall Season

Fall is finally in the air!  At school, at sports, and of course, at dance, everyone is settling into their new schedules and getting comfortable with the routine (and probably enjoying a pumpkin spice cookie/muffin/latte in the process – ‘tis the season!). Because dance classes take place throughout the school year, it’s extra-important for us […]


What is MTJGD?

      You’ve heard us talk about it, you’ve probably seen the logo all over our handouts, and I bet you’ve wondered, well, what exactly does it mean? More Than Just Great Dancing (or MTJGD as we often refer to it) is a licensed affiliation of dance studios that subscribe to a higher standard […]


Back-to-school blues? Try this!

“But I’m too tired!” It’s that time of year again …. school is back in session and afterschool activities abound, meaning “I’m too tired” can become a frequent refrain from the backseat of your car. It’s not uncommon for us dance teachers to hear about students who fall asleep on the way to class during […]