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Dancer Fuel: Healthy Snacks to Keep You Moving

It doesn’t take long to realize that dancing is hard work! Keeping your body fueled up and ready for classes is just as important as remembering your dance bag and choreography. What are some of your instructors’ favorite go-to snacks? “I love roasted chickpeas, hard boiled eggs, and apple slices with peanut butter.  Lots of […]


5 Tips For Getting Past A Dancing Plateau

No matter if you’re a seasoned dancer or a brand new ballerina, dancers can all hit plateaus. A “plateau” is the feeling that you might not be getting the steps, or when you have a dreaded feeling that dance is no longer for you. Here are 5 motivating tips that will help you overcome your […]


Hack Your Dance Bag

Dance class starts in two minutes.  You’re frantically digging for that one ballet shoe.  Or a bobby pin.  Or a toe pad.  That one thing you need and you can’t find it anywhere in the bottomless pit of your dance bag. We have all been there! Even when I have a dance bag that’s super […]