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Recital Planning – Behind the Scenes

                              We hope you are beginning to sense our excitement, because recital planning is officially in full swing! Here’s a little peek of what’s going on behind the scenes: Your SDC teachers are spending hours upon hours selecting just the right […]


The Top 3 Reasons Performing Is Amazing For Your Child

                Recital costume measurements are taking place soon, and recital is the talk of the hallways at the studio!  As we begin preparations for the Spring Concert in the fall, this when we sometimes have parents ask, “Why should my child participate in the recital?” This is an […]


What REAL Dance Parents Are Like

                    Sometimes I’m asked whether I watch the television show Dance Moms, or if the dance world is really like the way it’s portrayed in the show.  I don’t watch it (although I’ve seen clips) and it’s not like that …. not for us here at […]