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A Dancer’s Dictionary

You don’t have to be in a studio for long to realize that dancers have their own language. Sauté – A healthy way to cook dinner, right?  To a dancer, sauté means jump! Leo – Academy Award winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio?  Think again!  This is short for leotard! Use this handy guide courtesy of The […]


Ballet and Football: Like Pliés and Jetés, Meant to Be Together

Strength.  Stamina. Quick direction changes. Giant leaps. So…are we talking about ballet or football?  Could be both! The list of professional athletes who’ve benefited from ballet is a long one.  Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman, Steve McLendon; NHL goaltender, Ray Emery; and former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield are just a few! Ballet increases flexibility and […]