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Ballet and Football: Like Pliés and Jetés, Meant to Be Together

Strength.  Stamina. Quick direction changes. Giant leaps. So…are we talking about ballet or football?  Could be both! The list of professional athletes who’ve benefited from ballet is a long one.  Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman, Steve McLendon; NHL goaltender, Ray Emery; and former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield are just a few! Ballet increases flexibility and […]


Hack Your Dance Bag

Dance class starts in two minutes.  You’re frantically digging for that one ballet shoe.  Or a bobby pin.  Or a toe pad.  That one thing you need and you can’t find it anywhere in the bottomless pit of your dance bag. We have all been there! Even when I have a dance bag that’s super […]


Give Dance a Chance!

Does your child want to try a dance class? Come visit and join us for a Chance to Dance! What is it? Chance to Dance classes are 45-minutes and include two different dance styles.  It’s just $15 per class and no further obligation. When are the classes? For ages 3-4, our next class is offered […]