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Ballet and Football: Like Pliés and Jetés, Meant to Be Together

studio-dance-centre-just-danceStrength.  Stamina. Quick direction changes. Giant leaps.

So…are we talking about ballet or football?  Could be both!

The list of professional athletes who’ve benefited from ballet is a long one.  Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman, Steve McLendon; NHL goaltender, Ray Emery; and former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield are just a few!

Ballet increases flexibility and improves coordination.  In 2014, the Dallas Cowboys installed ballet barres outside the locker room for stretching purposes to help prevent injuries.

Take a look at Nathalia Arja, Principal Soloist with the Miami City Ballet, with New England Patriots tight end, Robert Gronkowski, in a “ballet lesson.”

Steve McLendon also talks about how ballet has improved his football game in this video.  I don’t know how he fares on the gridiron, but his glissades are pretty good!

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Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry