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Choosing a dance style

Choosing the right dance style for your child can be a cinch—or it can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll make about their afterschool activities!  Make the best choice by considering these four basic styles—any one of them can be a good fit, depending on your child’s personality and interests.

Ballet is the foundation for ALL types of dance, but usually appeals most to young children who are naturally shy or introverted and who think classical music sounds like “princess music”.

Jazz is often a great fit for the child who learns well with structure, but also likes to move around to fun pop music and learn in a fast-paced classroom.

Tap is typically a favorite class for children who love rhythms and counting!  Tap is like drumming with your feet, which high-energy children always enjoy.

Hip Hop is the way to go with extroverted children who love to express themselves with movement.  Its funky vibe suits children who are excited to try new things.

Finding the right dance style to fit your child can seem daunting, but there’s also nothing wrong with trying more than one.  Sometimes children surprise us too, and they’ll gravitate to a dance style we never would have expected.  Any choice is a great one, as long as your child is having fun while they learn!

Questions about the different styles?  You can always call, email, or stop by the front desk!  We are happy to help.

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