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Recital Planning – Behind the Scenes

sparkly pink tutu
















We hope you are beginning to sense our excitement, because recital planning is officially in full swing!

Here’s a little peek of what’s going on behind the scenes:

  • Your SDC teachers are spending hours upon hours selecting just the right costumes and music for each class.  Costumes are previewed in person (like the one above!) and different styles are considered; music is checked to ensure the best choices for choreography.

  • Every dancer is being measured and sized for the best costume outcome.  Although costumes aren’t custom, we do our best to follow the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines in order to minimize the alterations needed.

  • Every detail is being double and triple checked to ensure accuracy before ordering costumes.  Our spreadsheets are filled with costume numbers, class numbers, and size numbers that get edited or confirmed as we finalize the orders.

Once costumes are on the way, our attention will turn to many of the other recital tasks waiting in the wings: creating the “day-of” schedule for each dress rehearsal and performance, editing music for time lengths, choreographing the routines, preparing take-home materials for our dance families, organizing Photo Week, and much, much more!

It all starts coming together next semester to make the recital a big success …. we can’t wait!

– Ms. Julie