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Parents, it’s that time of year when getting your child to dance class can seem extra-challenging!  With the weather fluctuations, cold and flu season underway, and homework exhaustion setting in, January sometimes feels like “the mid-year slump.”  

Not to worry though.  In our experience, the slump is only temporary and you and your child’s spirits are about to increase tenfold because … recital costumes will be here soon!  And Sneak Peek Week is coming, and summer classes will be announced, and on and on … 

With all that’s coming up soon at the studio, everyone’s mid-year slump is about to turn into a mid-year boost!  February is around the corner, so expect to hear more about these upcoming studio happenings:

  • Recital costumes will start to be distributed mid-February
  • Sneak Peek Week will be held in early March
  • Summer class registration will begin in early March
  • Photo Week will take place after Spring Break
  • Recital tickets will go on sale in late March

If your dancer is feeling a little languid these days, just remind him or her that there’s some big excitement on the horizon! We can’t wait to ramp up to performance season and beyond!

– Ms. Julie


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