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Recital Expectations for Your Little One

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Here’s some of our most encouraging advice for a successful recital experience with your little one!

Remember that ….

  • Dancing on stage in front of hundreds of people is a pretty big deal! Some dancers are shy and others ham it up.  However they react, ALL of our young dancers are gaining a tremendous amount of confidence by performing.
  • Live performances can be unpredictable—and often in positive ways. You may wonder whether your little one will forget the dance routine or if they’ll be too nervous to perform.  Though those things do happen, they are rare!  Most often our young dancers surprise in the best and most adorable ways.
  • Success come in many forms, and we do not promote perfection as one of them! Instead, we talk in class about the dancers trying their best and having fun while they perform.

We hope you enjoy celebrating your dancer’s hard work and effort this recital season.  The SDC team is super proud of all of our young dancers’ progress this year!

– Ms. Julie


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