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Five Benefits of Dance

Benefits of Dance








At SDC, we believe that learning how to dance should be an encouraging and positive experience for children at any age!

And while the dance steps themselves are an important element to every class, the benefits of dance go far beyond tendus and pirouettes.

Here are our 5 favorite benefits of dance:

1) Dance requires perseverance

In today’s world of instant gratification, dance is different because it teaches children how to work hard over days, weeks, months, and years!  Consistent, developmentally-appropriate practice is the way to achieve progress.

2) There are opportunities everywhere

Every class is a chance to learn something new.  Whether it’s getting better at a step you already know or trying a new skill, the chance to try and try again is always there!

3) Forever friendships are formed

There’s something pretty special about the friends you dance with … you share laughs, work together as a team, push each other to do your best, and support each other’s dreams.

4) Dance prepares kids for life in the “real world”

The dance classroom is full of life lessons: from our preschoolers learning how to take turns to our teenagers learning how to prepare for an audition, everyone is developing the discipline and patience they’ll need in life outside the classroom.

5) The “comfort zone” is challenged

Accomplishing steps.  Performing in front of an audience.  Reaching a goal.  All of these things help children grow outside of their comfort zones!  A shy child can learn how to love the stage, and an enthusiastic child can learn how to harness her energy.

As you may already have observed in your child, the immediate joy of dancing comes from the thrill of movement and music!  What follows is another type of joy; one that comes from the long-term, deeply-rooted character qualities instilled during dance class.

These 5 benefits aren’t the only positives of course, but they are certainly some of our favorites!  We hope you see them develop in your child as they discover their love for dance.

– Ms. Julie


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