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At SDC, one of our unique attributes is that we are a non-competitive studio, meaning we do not participate in dance competitions.  Instead, we choose to focus on concert and community dancing, where rankings and placements are not part of the expectation.  We encourage performance as an overall benefit to our students, but we believe that they can thrive in their dance education without the competitive element.

For us, “winning” is about going above and beyond by:

  • Doing your best dancing, so that you are better than you were yesterday
  • Being a great teammate, and using kindness as a connector
  • Encouraging others around you, because a rising tide lifts all boats

The real win in our dancers’ lives is when they overcome their own challenges, not those against others.

Our dancers at SDC are learning to measure their value in personal growth, not trophies, plaques, medals, or money.  We’re teaching them to understand that winning in life—succeeding as a human being—has much more to do with their inner self than outward praise.  The process of studying dance, whether a dancer is three years old or eighteen, is just as valuable as the performance.

Winning to us means that every dancer has their heart centered on doing the hard work.  It means that there will be ups and downs, but ultimately the triumph is in the effort.

– Ms. Julie


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