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Making Progress in the Summer








Have you been thinking about whether to enroll your dancer for summer classes?  Here are some of our top reasons to keep the dance momentum going!

  • Dance training is built on muscle memory, so summer dance helps your child experience overall faster progress.
  • Young children do well with consistency in their daily routines, so maintaining that sense of normalcy with dance class is extremely helpful for progress too!
  • Summer dance is THE time to focus on technique!  With less emphasis on choreography, our classes dial in to technique in a big way, closing any knowledge or skill gaps a dancer may have developed.
  • If your child is interested in trying a new dance style, the summer is a perfect time to see how it goes.
  • Classes in the summer require a similar commitment to the school year but with unlimited makeups, so don’t worry about taking that special family vacation!

Ready to sign up?  Click here to contact us or click here to sign up online.  🙂

We’re happy to help with questions anytime!

– Ms. Julie