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Representing Dance at The Andrews Institute

Last week I had the privilege of speaking with members of the medical community at the Andrews Institute of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at Children’s Health!

We first met the team from Andrews about two years ago, when I reached out to inquire about their dance medicine specialty.  After that, Dr. Troy Smurawa came to speak to a group of our dancers about safety in dance.

Since that time we have continued to partner in the health and safety of our dance students, often referring families to their expertise when questions arise about injury or injury prevention.  At SDC, we are BIG believers in making sure our dancers and their parents have the tools and resources available to make good decisions about their healthcare as it relates to dance.  Let me just say, we are very lucky to have access to such highly-skilled professionals in sports medicine here in the Frisco area!

Last Thursday, I was able to visit a group of therapists, trainers, and doctors on the Andrews team and speak with them about ballet; namely, how the progression of ballet class works, the common types of movements that are practiced, and common corrections we give.  It was a pretty cool opportunity to share more information with their team about dance and also hear their questions.

I had a GREAT time presenting and as always, enjoyed getting to further develop the relationship we have.  Here’s to growing these valuable community connections!

– Ms. Julie

Ms. Julie at the Andrews Institute


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