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At SDC, our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds.  Most of us grew up dancing and then chose to combine our passion for dance with our interest in education.  Some of us pursued other careers but discovered that teaching dance was where our hearts were at.  And some of us just always knew that teaching was our greater calling!

No matter the pathway our staff members took, the “why” behind our decisions to teach is what brought us together.  These are the top three reasons why we do what we do!

#3: Teaching dance changes lives

This might seem like a big claim, but it’s true: Every teacher here has had their life changed through dance, from the resilience we’ve gained to the thoughtful way we solve problems.  Now, through our personal experiences, we’re able to impart those lessons upon our students. As you know, having a positive impact on a young person’s life is an incredible responsibility and sometimes has its challenges!  But that impact is also one of the most rewarding reasons to be a dance teacher.

#2: Teaching dance instills tradition

Teaching dance is based on established practices of movement, codified techniques, and unique styles that were created generations before us.  Because of that, we have a sense of obligation to pass down their knowledge and skills to our own students. The history of dance is like a big family tree, with roots of the great influencers and branches grown from new interpretations!  With respect and appreciation for tradition, our students are becoming a new part of this legacy, which is one of the top reasons why teaching dance is so meaningful to us.

#1: Teaching dance brings joy

There’s simply no other way to put it.  The number one reason why we love what we do is because it brings such joy to others!  When a student achieves a long-term goal, that joy is pure awesomeness. When a class is smiling and laughing as they learn how to chassé, that joy is contagious.  When it’s performance time and we see our students’ hard work onstage, that joy is inspiring. Teaching dance is full of these addictive moments; there’s nothing else like it.

We teach dance to make an impact, to transform thinking, to develop artists, and to connect as humans.  It’s one of the best jobs there is, and that’s why we love having your children dancing with us at SDC!

– Ms. Julie


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