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The Benefits of Recital








The recital is our biggest performance opportunity of the entire dance season; the chance for our students to showcase the results of their hard work over the past several months. It’s where the magic of dance comes alive!  Through the recital, the joys from the classroom are carried to the stage for all to see.  (Performance Week is April 22-26; click here to view the color-coded schedule!)

Dance is a skill grown through repetition and work ethic, and the recital gives our students a way to say, “Look at how far I’ve come!” And as you know, at SDC, we’re committed to encouraging our students to demonstrate their progress (not perfection).  We love that the recital helps them build confidence in front of an audience, preparing them not only for more dancing, but for a future filled with confident school presentations, job interviews, and work proposals.

Probably one of our most favorite benefits of the recital is the way it inspires our dancers.  The way their eyes light up, the way they smile, hug, and high-five each other … it’s hard to put into words how awesome it is to see the recital’s positive influence on their lives.  It’s a pretty special life experience.

Expect to hear much more about the recital in the coming weeks, and refer to your Parent Guide for details!

– Ms. Julie


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