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A Positive Influence, Part II








At SDC, we believe in the amazing benefits dance has to offer kids of all ages. But during the tween and teen years, we’ve noticed some particular advantages that are helping our students become the best version of themselves.

Dance takes hard work; there’s no way around it. And we’ve seen this work ethic spill over into our students’ academic lives as well. Having someone else hold you to a high standard is one thing, but learning how to hold yourself to a higher standard is another. We’re pretty proud of the way our dancers are learning this!

We can also see that becoming a hard worker directly influences our students’ confidence levels. And at this crucial time during adolescence, there’s perhaps no better endorsement than feeling empowered, for yourself and others!  Because when it comes to navigating friendships and communications in life, confidence is a major player in making good decisions.

Our tweens and teens are refining their technique and dance skills, and we love that about them. But the core of what they’re learning as human beings is what matters most—and it makes them even stronger artists!

– Ms. Julie


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