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Progress in dance can sometimes look a lot like it does in school: Students learn new concepts and techniques, and they build on that knowledge over time.  There are milestones to reach along the way to bigger goals, paving a path to success through hard work and perseverance. Just like school, dance brings both challenges and triumphs for each individual student.

Where progress differs is in the structure of the programming.  For example, at SDC, our class levels are typically designed for about two years of participation before a student is promoted, whereas at school students move to the next grade each year.  This is because many dance schools like ours adopt an educational philosophy of “growth” years (when a student moves up a level) and “grind” years (when a student remains in the same level).  The “growth and grind” of dance allows our students to both develop their skills and truly master them before advancing to a new level.

With safety standards as a top priority, it’s true that progress in dance can sometimes feel slow … and especially in today’s fast-paced, instantaneous world.  But rest assured, progress is happening all the time! Through the compound effect of small improvements, our students are moving forward to become their most successful selves.

– Ms. Julie


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