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Dance is often seen as a competitive activity, and while that can be true, it shouldn’t be competitive in the way you might think!

There’s a quote on one of our lobby wall’s by Mikhail Baryshnikov that says, “I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.”  At SDC, we believe in Baryshnikov’s sentiment, and we strive to teach our students that the real competition that exists is personal.  It’s between the dancer they were yesterday and the dancer they are today.  

Everyone has the opportunity to shine in their own unique way – just as you might have seen at our Spring Concert last week.  And just because one dancer’s light shines bright, doesn’t mean another dancer’s light dims.  In fact, in our experience it’s quite the opposite: The more lights that shine together, the brighter everyone becomes!

It’s easy, of course, for dancers to compare themselves to each other.  But even with the same instruction and the same teacher, each student will progress his or her own way—and we think that’s pretty special.  So shine bright and shine on, dancers! The success of your dance journey is right there inside you, ready to be celebrated every step of the way.

– Ms. Julie


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