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Hello, September!

Dancers in masks in class










With a month of classes already wrapped up this season, we’re kicking off September with a strong start!

As I’ve watched our dancers return to the studio over the past four and a half weeks, I’ve noticed just how WELL they’ve adapted to our new “choreographed” way of life … they’ve gotten comfortable with our one-way traffic flow; they know where to stand in the classroom and where to keep their belongings; they smile (I’m sure of it!) under their masks. Every time I see them my heart seems to grow with pride, witnessing their courage and their tenacity. They are willing to take these extra steps so they can do what they love, so they can dance.

Things certainly do look different now. Parents are watching classes via Spot TV live-stream, instead of through the observation windows.  Dancers are no longer hanging out with their friends in the hallways. Classes that were already structured have yet another layer of structure.

And yet …

I also see progress being made; technique improving, just as it should.

I see friendships blossoming through jazz hands and thumbs up signals.

I see shoulders relax and eyes crinkle with joy as soon as students enter the studio.

I see teachers and students dancing through this new journey together.

I can see, now more than ever, that dance is truly for the WHOLE body, mind, and soul. At SDC we’ve always believed in the transformative power of dance … and now we are seeing it action. Health is truly more than the absence of sickness. It is emotional and mental health too; it is having a physical outlet of expression during this unbelievable-yet-believable time in history.

We don’t know what the future holds of course, but we DO know where we stand right now. Firmly, safely, happily on our dancing feet. 🙂

– Ms. Julie


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