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As we wrap up our eighth dance season and dive in to our ninth summer, we’ve been inspired to breathe new life into SDC’s vision: you’ll notice that little changes and improvements (like this website) are popping up here and there. Updates to our teacher training and curriculum are in the works, and our dedication to best practices is stronger than ever.

So what is it, exactly, that sets SDC apart?

Our Culture
We strive to create a positive, nurturing atmosphere for our students. Our dancers are immersed in a learning environment that is both disciplined and loving, with instructors who are passionate about dance. Our choices in music, choreography, and costumes are always age-appropriate.

Our Life Lessons
SDC dancers learn that dance class is about much more than just learning steps: it’s about leaving your worries at the door, working hard, respecting your teachers and friends, working as a group, taking turns, saying thank you … and ultimately, achieving your goals.

Our Expectations
Students of all ages know straightaway that we expect them to try their best in every class. We don’t settle for “I can’t.” We encourage dancers to compete only with themselves, not to compare themselves to others. 

Our Beliefs
Every child can dance. Every child can feel the joy of moving to music. Dance class is more than an opportunity to plié and jeté and shuffle-ball-change; it’s an opportunity to ignite a passion!

Throughout everything we do, SDC is incredibly proud to be More Than Just Great Dancing™. We’re excited to see where next season takes us! 

— Ms. Julie


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