Safety Level

It’s summer: here we go!

Last week, in our preparations for the Princess-in-Training Camp, my staff and I were discussing the merits of decorating paper crowns versus making pipe cleaner tiaras. (Really, we were way overanalyzing.)  Which project would be easier for little hands? Would one be appealing over the other? Was each one “princess-y” enough? I was sure we needed to keep it simple and pick just one. No over-indulging; no over-complicating things.

We made practice crowns and tiaras, marveled at our own crafting abilities (or for me, lack thereof), mulled it over, and ultimately decided that yep, it would be best if we did both the crowns and tiaras.

Both were cute, both were easy, both were fun. It’s summer camp, after all, and what princess doesn’t need options?  It’s win-win! So lesson learned: maybe it’s OK, sometimes, to have your cake and eat it too. While wearing a crown. Or a tiara.

– Ms. Julie