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Dance Dress Code Decoded – Boys

DDC - Boys

We’ve taken a look at traditional ballet wear for girls in our first “Dance Dress Code Decoded” post, so let’s take a look at some of the pieces that you’ll find boys at SDC wearing.

Did you know that male dancers wear leotards and tights as well?  Most danseurs (male dancers – don’t call them “ballerinos!”) wear standard leotards and tights when they are older and in college or professional companies.  Our danseurs wear a standard basic top and different bottoms depending on the teachers’ recommendation.

The Shirt

Boys Shirt

A simple white or black shirt in cotton or athletic fabric is recommended for young danseurs.  These are slim fitting, just like leotards, to allow dance instructors to ensure proper alignment and positioning.  These shirts can be found at local dance retailers, big box stores, and online retailers.  There are usually two neckline options – rounded and v-neck.

The Bottoms

Leg coverings for danseurs is based on the recommendation of the teacher.  A pair of sweatpants, jazz pants, or slim fit dance pants in black or navy are perfect.  A good rule of thumb on the length is to keep your knees covered – it’s always good to have an extra layer for floor work.  Tights are not needed under any bottoms for danseurs  and underwear may be worn.

 Tight PantsBoys Jazz Pant

 As always, the SDC Staff is available to answer any questions you have about dress code or where to purchase dance clothes for your danseur!

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry