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5 Tips For Getting Past A Dancing Plateau

No matter if you’re a seasoned dancer or a brand new ballerina, dancers can all hit plateaus. A “plateau” is the feeling that you might not be getting the steps, or when you have a dreaded feeling that dance is no longer for you.

serious-dancer-content-logoHere are 5 motivating tips that will help you overcome your plateau and knock down any walls in your way!

  1. Remember to not compare yourself to others in class.  Observe and learn from them.  Listen to the instructor’s corrections and praise for everyone.
  2. Try a new style of dance to breathe new life into your love of the art.  Talk with your instructor and parents about a style that will work with your talents and schedule!  A complimentary class in modern may be just what you need to re-energize your love of ballet.  Making some noise in a tap class may help you nail those stag leaps in jazz.
  3. Get comfortable with making mistakes.  This is how we all learn!  You can’t plie without practice!
  4. See a performance.  The DFW area is full of great dance performances, especially during the holiday season!  Ask your instructor to recommend a show or talk to your parents about starting a new holiday tradition and see The Nutcracker!  Seeing the joy and energy that professional dancers have can replenish yours too!
  5. Bust a move.  In your room.  In the hall.  Where ever.  Bust a move!

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry


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