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Spring Concert Prep: Dance Shoes

tips-for-dance-parentsWith all of the excitement around costumes and make-up, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important pieces of a dancers’ outfit – her shoes.

Has your dancer recently had a growth spurt?  It’s a good time to have feet measured to ensure that shoes are fitting properly.  There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as dancing in shoes that are too small.  Take a look at SDC’s post about properly fitting dance shoes from July.

If your dancer’s shoes fit A-OK, be sure that they are clearly marked on the inside with their name or initials.  This is super important for Spring Concert when so many little feet (or FYDE feet!) are trying to find their pink ballet shoes!  They all look the same!

Be sure to trim the drawstring on your dancer’s ballet shoes.  Leave about 1″ to 1.5″ inches and tie it in a bow.  This should be tucked into the ballet shoe after it has been put on your dancer’s foot.  Did you know that there are a few “drawstring-free” shoes for little feet?  Check out these options from Bloch and Capezio.

Freshen up your dancer’s shoes, if needed.  Dancers’ shoes can get dirty or scuffed and may need a cleaning.  Check out how in our post from December.

Tap shoes that tie should have the ribbons removed and replaced with elastic.  This ensures the shoe is easy to put on and will stay securely on the dancer’s foot.  Ask an SDC instructor if you have questions or watch this video for a how-to.  For another easy option, you can use a button and elastic for tap shoe ties too!  Just be sure to use black elastic and a black button!

Always be sure that your dancer carries his/her shoes into the studio and changes out of them after class.  Dance shoes are made for dance floors.  They will last longer and look better if they are only worn for dance class and not worn outside – even for a short walk to the car.

If you have any questions about dance shoe care or prepping your shoes for Spring Concert, ask any SDC Dance Instructor.

Trip the light fantastic!

~Ms. Kerry



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