Safety Level

Spring Concert Prep: Backstage Bag


Your dancer has practiced and practiced her number.  The costume is on and the hair is in a bun. The show is about to begin!  Now, the wait until her number begins.  So much can happen in the time between when a dancer is dropped off backstage and when they go on stage.  Being prepared is the name of the game!  Pack a backstage bag filled with all of those “what-if” items to solve anything that comes up and keep your dancer entertained.

Be sure to include:

  • Hairspray (for those fly-aways)
  • Bobby pins/hair pins (to secure any unruly locks of hair)
  • Bottled water/kid safe cups (no spills on costumes!)
  • Dry snacks (think crackers, pretzels, etc)
  • Make-up kit (especially lipstick and blush)
  • Baby wipes or make-up wipes (great for correcting make-up mistakes or removing make-up after the show)
  • Coloring books and crayons (great for keeping younger dancers entertained while waiting for their turn)
  • Book to read (great for quietly waiting for your turn!) 

Always try-on your costume at home, practice your make-up, and putting your dancer’s hair in a bun before dress rehearsal.  This helps your dancer become comfortable with the process and will know what to expect for the performance.

If you have any questions, any SDC Instructor is happy to help!

Trip the light fantastic, dancers!

~Ms. Kerry