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Spring Concert Prep: Making Memories

tips-for-dance-parentsSaving memories of any dance event, a first spring concert or 10th, is important.  Planning ahead will give you a chance to make sure you take pictures in plenty of poses and keep an eye out for frames or memory books while browsing at your favorite store!

These keepsakes become precious memories for dancers as they grow up and share them with their friends, and eventually their own little dancers!

  • Memory Book – If you’re a sentimental parent and like to hang onto tickets, programs, and little keepsakes.  Create a dance memory book and gather all of those memories in one place.
  • Ballet Shoe Collage – Plan ahead!  Save your dancer’s shoes and plan to display them with their recital costumes or a dance photo in a neat row.
  • Shadow Box – Create your own piece of art with a photograph of your dancer, their shoes, costume, accessories, and even tickets!  Look for inspiration here, here, and here.
  • Snap Pictures – Be sure to snap pictures of your dancer in the moment!  While of course, the performance is the main event – backstage and preparation pictures make excellent memories!  Snap pictures of putting make-up, fixing hair, details of her costume, candid shots, and walking to the stage.  Check out this great page for more ideas.

We’d love to see how your keepsakes turn out.  Share a picture with us on FaceBook!

~Ms. Kerry


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