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What is MTJGD?

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You’ve heard us talk about it, you’ve probably seen the logo all over our handouts, and I bet you’ve wondered, well, what exactly does it mean?

More Than Just Great Dancing (or MTJGD as we often refer to it) is a licensed affiliation of dance studios that subscribe to a higher standard of dance instruction and management principles.  SDC was accepted as a MTJGD member in January 2014.

Being an affiliate of MTJGD means that at SDC, we are committed to offering quality programming and staff development training so that we can give you our best efforts day in and day out.  We hold ourselves accountable to serve you with MORE than just excellent dance instruction: we strive to go beyond technique to grow our dancers into happy, hard-working young people.  It’s work that we are passionate about!

If you would like to know even more about More Than Just Great Dancing, I encourage you to click here to visit their website!  And I’m always happy to answer your questions at the studio.

– Ms. Julie


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