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Dancing Through The Fall Season

Four Tips for a Successful Fall Semester

Fall is finally in the air!  At school, at sports, and of course, at dance, everyone is settling into their new schedules and getting comfortable with the routine (and probably enjoying a pumpkin spice cookie/muffin/latte in the process – ‘tis the season!).

Because dance classes take place throughout the school year, it’s extra-important for us to help parents keep their children engaged and having fun with dance.  To keep the routine just as enjoyable for your dancer as it was on Day 1, we have four tips to share for a successful semester:

  • Ask your dancer to show you (or teach you!) what he or she is learning in class.  Even if you get only a shy smile at first, practicing at home can eventually become a helpful tool in your child’s dance education.  It’s like have a homework study session – but more fun!
  • Connect with dance outside of the studio: color dance-inspired pictures, check out dance-related library books, or go see some dancing, such as The Nutcracker ballet or the movie Leap!
  • Talk to your dancer about the recital.  It may seem so long away, but we love keeping the conversation going with parents and dancers all year long!  Ask your little one what he or she thinks their costume might look like, or what type of moves they think they’ll show on stage. 
  • Explore music!  Dance is inevitably intertwined with all things music, so listening to new tunes (or introducing your child to your old favorites) is an awesome way to connect the two topics.  Turn off the extra screens, put on Spotify or Pandora, and play some air guitar – or freeze dance – in the living room this weekend!

We hope you enjoy all the fun that fall brings, and that your child is more excited than ever to keep dancing!

– Ms. Julie


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