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What REAL Dance Parents Are Like

SDC dance family

SDC dancer Audrey with her parents, Jared and Ramee











Sometimes I’m asked whether I watch the television show Dance Moms, or if the dance world is really like the way it’s portrayed in the show.  I don’t watch it (although I’ve seen clips) and it’s not like that …. not for us here at SDC anyway!  

Real dance moms (and dads) aren’t like that at all.  Real dance parents are supportive, encouraging, and involved, and they allow their children to experience the ups and downs dance can bring and progress at their own pace.  They are partners with us, the dance teachers – not enemies!  

We asked a couple of SDC dance families what they like most about their children being dance students, so we could share what REAL dance parents are like, and how much they care:

Michelle, whose two daughters, Elissa (8) and Lily (6) both take dance classes at SDC, says that the best part about dance for her girls is that they’re building their self confidence.

“Lily said it best right before the recital last year,” says Michelle.  “She said ‘I feel like I’m home on the stage.’  Both girls don’t care that hundreds of people are in the audience; they are there because they love it.”

Ramee and Jared, parents of SDC dancer Audrey (12, pictured above with her parents), agree wholeheartedly.  

“We have never pushed, just encouraged, and have enjoyed watching Audrey grow through the years,” says Ramee.  “She has gained a strong self-esteem, has become more mentally and physically strong, and has become increasingly independent because she is in control of her own path.  Dancing allows Audrey to be – and express – herself in ways that nothing else ever has.”

It’s parents like these – dedicated and supportive – that truly represent the dance families of the world.  We’re so thankful to have people like this at Studio Dance Centre!

– Ms. Julie