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Did you have a hobby or sport or passion as a kid? Something that drew you in and compelled you to occupy those after-school hours?

For many of our students, dance has become this thing: Given the opportunity, they would spend every day at the studio, not just in class but creating their own dances, teaching moves to their friends, trying out new ideas to their favorite songs. If we put out sleeping bags, they would probably take us up on nightly slumber parties. (Which yeah, no – we wouldn’t actually go for that!)

Because many of us teachers felt this way as kids, it’s so fun to see our students “bitten by the dance bug” – the way they just can’t contain themselves. I can personally remember, quite vividly, wishing I could skip school and take dance class all day. 🙂

Even if it makes you quite exasperated when your child is bouncing off the walls dancing or they are begging to add another class, remember this: Just maybe, these moments will fuel their confidence. Just maybe, dance will propel their focus, boosting their grades. Just maybe, that new friend in class will become their friend forever.

Just maybe, dance will be the thing that not only occupies their time, but sets them on a path to success – whatever their life goals may be.

We hope that will be true. And there’s only one way to find out … and that’s to dance!

– Ms. Julie


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