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We are officially one year since the world turned upside down, when the unexpected became reality. We can’t help but remember where we were when things began to change … During Spring Break of 2020, we brought a group of seven dancers to New York City – a trip of a lifetime!

Prior to the trip, news began to emerge about the novel coronavirus. We gathered information (11 cases in Manhattan), talked it over (we would be vigilant about germ-prevention), and decided to proceed with the trip, which began March 9, 2020. With lots of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes packed, we embarked on our adventure: the girls took classes at Broadway Dance Center and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater; we celebrated Ms. Kayla’s birthday; Broadway show tickets were ready to go.

Although we didn’t make it to our Broadway show after all, the rest of the trip was incredible. The classes were amazing and the midtown-NYC-vibe was lively and exciting as always. Our dancers’ experiences were full of growth and learning and so much fun and bonding together.

On our final day – the day Broadway went dark – we were enjoying the sights at Rockefeller Center when the messages began to come through that schools in Frisco were closing. Then the next day, as we boarded our flight, word came that our Spring Concert was canceled, with the hope of merely postponing a month or two.

Well, we all know what happened from there! The rest of the dance year was relegated to Zoom as we all processed the reality of quarantine and public health restrictions. It became clear that we were in this for the long-haul and that making lemonade from the lemons was the only realistic option!

Now here we are: One year later, with the gift of resilience and emotions that still need healing. Emotions that I hope can continue to be expressed through dance as we keep moving forward. I could not be more proud of our staff and our students (and parents) who have persevered and continue to do so as we slowly emerge from this unbelievable time in history.

Here’s to a year of the most delicious lemonade we could possibly make – and to rest of 2021 when, quite possibly, we will not just say we have survived but that we chose to thrive!

– Ms. Julie


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