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Practicing at Home

              Many of our students absolutely LOVE practicing dance at home.  You’ll find them twirling in the living room and tapping in the kitchen—they just can’t contain themselves!  It’s not uncommon for a parent to tell us that their child feels compelled to create her own dances in the […]


Why Performing is So Beneficial

              As you’ve probably noticed, the team at SDC has already begun talking about next year’s recital!  Costumes will be ordered soon and the event planning is well underway.  It’s this time of year, with the buzz of recital beginning, that parents sometimes ask us, “Why should my child participate?  […]


Optimizing the Dance Experience

              At SDC, we’re not just teaching dance steps in our classrooms—we’re developing curious, compassionate young leaders and equipping them for success! We know that it can be a challenge sometimes to know what to do to offer support and encouragement for your dancer—especially if you are still new […]


A Dancer’s Dress Code

              It’s a common question to hear from dance parents and students alike: What purpose does the dress code actually serve?  Well, SDC’s dress code was established for a few very important reasons: Safety The number one factor in establishing a dress code is for all students’ safety in class.  […]


Welcome, new dance parents!

              We are excited to kick off our 13th dance season NEXT WEEK and would like to welcome all of our new families! Now that you’ve formally signed your child up for lessons and you’ve gotten all the pertinent information about the season, you are officially a dance parent […]


Five Benefits of Dance

              At SDC, we believe that learning how to dance should be an encouraging and positive experience for children at any age! And while the dance steps themselves are an important element to every class, the benefits of dance go far beyond tendus and pirouettes. Here are our 5 […]


Class Recommendations

              As Performance Week approaches quickly so does registration for the new dance season!  With class recommendations being emailed soon, we wanted to take a moment to remind our dance families about what that means, since class recommendations are made with many, many hours of consideration and deliberation! When […]


Recital Expectations for Your Little One

              Here’s some of our most encouraging advice for a successful recital experience with your little one! Remember that …. Dancing on stage in front of hundreds of people is a pretty big deal! Some dancers are shy and others ham it up.  However they react, ALL of our […]


Practicing at Home

              Many of our dancers LOVE practicing their recital dance at home!  So what can you do to encourage your child and help them practice?  Here are four of our best tips: If you haven’t already received an email with a link to your child’s recital music, that will […]


Parent Observation Week!

              Dance families, it’s almost time for Parent Observation Week!  We’re so excited to invite you into the classroom to see a demonstration of what your dancer’s class has been working on so far this year. Here are some handy tips and reminders about this very special week: This […]